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On-line Application

Not only study and be successful, if the job is right for you and try your best you will get reasonable result

On-line Application

Computerizing the entire qualifications process and establishing Q-Net greatly reduced the time and costs involved in acquiring national skills qualifications while revolutionizing convenience for examinees and innovating work process for HRD-Korea staff. With a click of the button, users can select among 564 skills and submit applications for tests, select the location of test sites, and check test results. Candidates who passed examinations may also order certificates without the hassle and transportation costs of visiting a branch. In the past, applicants had no choice but to personally go to a branch office and spend an average of 20 minutes to submit their applications.
With Q-Net, however, applicants need only spend an average of four minutes to submit their applications online and enjoy a 70% reduction in costs.


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