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NTQ Testing

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NTQ Testing

The NTQ (National Technical Skills Qualification) is based on National Technical Skills Qualification Act No. 2672 declared on December 31, 1973.
NTQ encompasses 494 technical skills qualifications & 32 skills in service.
HRD-Korea manages and supervises 478 qualifications from a total of 526 NTQs.

Q-Net Qualification Information service

  • legal basic

    National Technical Qualification Act No. 2672 declared on December 31, 1973

  • History of National Technical Qualification Testing (NTQ Testing)
    • 2012 Jan. Reorganization of Classification System(KECO)
    • 2010 Dec. Amendment of Application requirements
    • 2004 Dec. System overhaul and amendment to reflect newly created, discontinued, or integrated skills
    • 2002 Apr. Amendment of overall system by including newly created or integrated skills into comprehensive list of skills
    • 1999 Feb. Refresher courses for those issued certificates are discontinued
    • 1998 May. Skill levels are integrated from 8 to 5 levels
    • 1998 Jan. Name changed to Human Resources Development Services of Korea, HRD-Korea
    • 1997 Mar. Separate classification of skills are unified into one
    • 1991 Oct. Creation, integration and discontinuance of skills qualifications are taken into account in an updated listing of skills
    • 1984 Mar. Clerical management transferred to the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • 1982 Jan. Integration of qualification testing based on other acts into NTQA
    • 1977 Jan. Implementation of qualifications testing conforming to the act concerned
    • 1976 Dec. Establishment of the Korea Technical Qualifications Testing Agency (KTQTA)
    • 1974 Oct. Enactment of implemental decrees and regulations
    • 1973 Dec. Enactment of the National Technical Skills Qualification Act (NTQA)
  • Human Resources Development Service of Korea
  • GIFTS-Global Institute For Transferring Skills
  • Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • Worldskills Korea
  • On-line Petition for Foreigners