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Verification of test results

Q-Net also simplifies online verification of test results and certification issuance requests. In the past, whenever test results became available, staff members had to man the phones to provide test results. A greater inconvenience was the crowds of examinees that would form in front of the announcement board of branch offices to check test results. With Q-Net, such scenes are now a thing of the past.Furthermore, examinees requiring certificate issuance no longer need to revisit branches in which exam applications were submitted. An online database allows certificate issuance online or at any branch throughout the country.

Release of Test Answers

HRD-Korea has always furnished test answers the day following examinations but it was not until August 7, 2005 that HRD-Korea decided to allow examinees to take test booklets after finishing the exams for their convenience. Examinees can then check for answers from a tentative answer sheet released on Q-Net (test questions are not provided online). The tentative answer sheet is made available for a period of 7 days during which, applicants may petition for answer corrections or lodge disagreements about answers. After that process, a final answer sheet is then provided

Announcement of Test Results

A roster of examinees and their test results allow students to confirm their scores and see if they have passed or not. Available test answers also allow students to rescore their tests and petition for any changes.

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