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On-line Application

Not only study and be successful, if the job is right for you and try your best you will get reasonable result

Selecting the test site and payment

With Q-Net, online applicants can enjoy the convenience of selecting the test site and the preferred method of payment for the examination. This avoids problems of the past in which examinees experienced difficulties because they were assigned to test sites far from home.
As applications were submitted online, payment would also have to be process online. Q-Net has contracted an outside payment servicing agent to allow applicants to pay through bank transfers, credit cards, or cash deposits securely and conveniently. The online payment system has greatly increased time and cost efficiency

  • Human Resources Development Service of Korea
  • GIFTS-Global Institute For Transferring Skills
  • Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • Worldskills Korea
  • On-line Petition for Foreigners