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Additonal Service

Not only study and be successful, if the job is right for you and try your best you will get reasonable result

Additonal Service

The benefits and advantages of Q-Net extends above and beyond availability of online applications.
Increased convenience and accessibility to information through Q-Net promotes skills acquisition and ultimately contributions to the nation’s economic development.

Internal users benefit tremendously through the computerization of the entire certification process as much of the repetitive and time consuming manual work processes involved in application acceptance and certification has been effectively eliminated. The reduction in workload then lays the foundation for enhanced customer service. (Internal users and administrators access Q-Net through a separate Qualifications Information Network.)

Q-Net also benefits employers such as governmental organizations and corporations as they can verify certification authenticity in real-time. Q-Net manages a database of 8.7 million holders of a total of 13.5 million skills qualifications. Thanks to the up-to-date database, government organizations can issue permits and licenses without requiring applicants to submit copies of certifications and corporations can verify qualifications information of job applicants quickly and easily.

  • Human Resources Development Service of Korea
  • GIFTS-Global Institute For Transferring Skills
  • Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • Worldskills Korea
  • On-line Petition for Foreigners