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Qualification Information

Not only study and be successful, if the job is right for you and try your best you will get reasonable result

Qualification Information

The one-stop database of domestic and international qualifications certification information (overview, testing method, prospects, etc.) provides Q-Net users timely and accurate information on a wide array of topics.
As of October 2009, over 386 institutions in Korea currently offer qualifications testing for over 1,560 qualifications(53 institutions test for competency in 684 types of national qualifications and 333 institutions test for competency in 876 types of civil qualifications). Information in regards to corresponding skill certification tests is scattered throughout the websites of the respective organizations and institutions administering the tests.
Users have to search through a sea of information in numerous websites to learn what they need to know. However, Q-Net provides information for 1,662 types of qualifications (876 national qualifications, 102 civil qualifications, 94 international qualifications) in one comprehensive website, making Q-Net the premier provider of qualifications information in Korea.

Q-Net Qualification Information service

  • National Qualifications (including NTQs)684
  • Civil Qualifications876
  • International Qualifications102
  • Human Resources Development Service of Korea
  • GIFTS-Global Institute For Transferring Skills
  • Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • Worldskills Korea
  • On-line Petition for Foreigners